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Disclaimer: This website is only a guide for users to understand the process to Download, Install and Activate McAfee Products like Mcafee Total Protection, McAfee Livesafe , we do not have any affiliations from McAfee and any other company related to Antivirus - Enter Product key - Download or Setup Norton Account

Norton has one of the most successful computer security algorithms around the world. It has maintained a potent image among the users for decades due to its strong security firewall. It provides timely updates to the users, which keeps the antivirus engine effective against newly developed computer threats. All you have to do is make your way to Norton’s online portal to download and install the world’s finest security app for computers. You can easily reach Norton’s online portal by visiting

Is Norton Activation Code Necessary?

Yes indeed! It is used to activate Norton’s premium security products and sometimes even for installation. Without it, you will be able to use only Norton’s 30 days free trial. Therefore, Norton and we recommend you to quickly buy one of Norton’s products through You will get the product key at the time of purchase from Team Norton on your email. 

New to Norton? Here’s How to Get a New Account

Follow the instructions mentioned down here to quickly create a new account on Norton. 

  1. First, open an internet browser of your choice.
  2. Open Norton’s official portal. 
  3. Then go to the Sign-Up link. 
  4. Provide the details in the required fields. 
  5. Hit the Submit button, 
  6. Voila, your account is ready to be used.  

How to Download Norton via

Follow the instructions mentioned down here to quickly download the Norton Setup to your device:

  1. First and foremost, go to in a new tab. 
  2. Then make your way to the Sign-Up option and make sure to create a new account. 
  3. Once you are logged in to Norton after creating an account, proceed to redeem your Norton Product Key. 
  4. When your key is redeemed, navigate to the My Subscription option.
  5. Find the product that you wish to download. 
  6. Then navigate to the Download link of the product. 
  7. Afterward, select one of the CPU architectures available. You can check your computer’s CPU architecture on any search engine. 
  8. Once you have selected it, you might see a prompt to save the Norton setup file. 
  9. Follow the prompt to save the file. 
  10. Now the download process will start. 
  11. Hold tight until it concludes.
  12. Then close the with the whole browser as you don’t need it anymore.

How to install Norton Setup

Follow the commands provided down here to wrap up the installation process:

  1. First, make sure to open the File Explorer. 
  2. Then, head to the Downloads folder. 
  3. Now go to the file that we downloaded from 
  4. Next, open it and then press Yes. 
  5. After that, agree to the EULA document.
  6. Afterward, press Next.
  7. Choose the Recommended method and then press Next. 
  8. Now make sure to hit the Install button to set off the installation.   
  9. Grasp until the process concludes.
  10. Now close the wizard and then restart your computer. 

How to Activate Norton Setup

Obey the instructions mentioned down to finish the activation:

  1. First, go to the Norton icon and then open it. 
  2. Once it opens, go to the Help section from the upper tab. 
  3. A new drop-down should now appear. 
  4. Choose the Activate Now option from the listed options. 
  5. You will see popping on your screen. 
  6. It just needs some details from you to initiate your Norton Setup activation. 
  7. You need to provide the product key along with the Norton account details.  
  8. Once you do that, they will activate your Norton product. 

Now that your product is linked with the product key, you have become an authentic buyer of Norton security. You can access Norton premium protection features be it custom scan, complete scan, quick scan, root-kit scan, and more.