Google Chrome is the most commonly used browser, despite having a reputation for invading the privacy of its users. It is packed with various useful features and settings, but it consumes a lot of system resources that might lead to battery drainage and desktop freezing. To get rid of this experience, it is better to switch to the Chromium browser – an open-source browser with numerous features that offers a secure surfing experience. If you’re interested in getting a better experience than Chrome, then the following browsers are the ones to look for:


Opera browser creator was unsatisfied with the way Opera was operating, which led to the creation of the Vivaldi browser. Vivaldi gives you a sense of control with its in-built features and protects you from trackers and unwanted ads. It brings you an adaptive user interface, tab management tools, custom keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, and more. All of its features are available for free in macOS, Windows, Linux, and Android smartphones.

Opera Neon

This browser is an alternate reality for the Opera browser. It offers floating icons for Speed Dial, visual tabs, and the Omnibox, and it also wipes the desktop clutter by bringing your computer’s wallpaper in the browser’s background. You can choose from either of the two wallpapers offered by the Opera Neon browser. It also improves the visuals with video pop-out and split-screen mode. Under the Speed Dial section, you’ll find all your most-used apps. Currently, it is available for Mac and Windows users only.


The Brave browser loads web pages 3 to 6 times faster than Google Chrome and Firefox. Before switching your browsers, you can import all the bookmarks and settings on Brave and enhance your browsing experience. You can also choose to import other browser data from the Import Bookmarks and Settings. It offers unparalleled privacy and security options as all your data remains private and you can even customize the shield settings. It blocks irrelevant ads, but you can choose to earn by watching some private ads. iOS users get an exclusive Brave Firewall and VPN features if they subscribe to their paid plans.

Opera GX

It is another version of the Opera browser that brings a specially built interface for gamers. Its features surround gaming and browsing. On GX, you can set limits on how much RAM, CPU, and network the browser can use on your desktop. From the Hot tabs, you can check the resource consumption and dismiss the resource-hungry tabs. You can also set limits on the network’s bandwidth. The Twitch integration never lets you miss out on the live streaming from your favorite channels. The browser also offers customizable sound effects and designs.

The browsers mentioned above are available for free. If you want to check more browsers, then the other Chromium-based alternatives include Epic Privacy Browser, Comodo Dragon, and Torch. Windows 10 users can remain on Microsoft Edge if you don’t want to get into the hustle of installing a new browser.

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